For AmeriCorps Week: Great Stories from NEO Literacy Corps

NEO Literacy Corps 2012
NEO Literacy Corps September 2012

In Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps, AmeriCorps members are expected to write Great Stories once a month to reflect on their service. Many are posted on the NEO Lit Corps blog, which I could read all day, but I’ve selected two of my favorites from this year to share with you:

Something to Remind Me on the Bad Days

Lydia’s story about a day gone bad, and a mentor’s response: “I thought of little things that have happened throughout my service, and I asked him about the bad days. How does he cope? What keeps him coming back?”

It’s Never Too Late

Annie’s inspiring story of a former student who made a huge change after 25 years behind bars, with help from another NEO Literacy Corps service site!

Do you have a great story from your best or worst day in AmeriCorps?

For AmeriCorps Week: Non-Traditional Careers in Education

Made In AmeriCorpsHappy AmeriCorps Week 2013! I was Made in AmeriCorps and I wanted to explain how it got me to where I am today.

Not only do I work in the field of non-traditional education…I have a non-traditional job. But when I say I am an “educational consultant,” most people don’t really know what that means.

Like any small business owner, being a “consultant” is not as glamorous as it seems. But when things get tough & the traditional workforce isn’t working for people, they sometimes ask me if consulting might work for them, too. This presentation is for all those people who are curious about what exactly I do, how I got here, what the world of education might hold for them in addition to classroom teaching, and whether they might be a better fit for the “flexible workforce.”


NEO Literacy Corps: Where Are They Now? Part 2

For the last day of AmeriCorps Week, I thought I’d follow-up with a few more of our Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps members from 2010-11 (click here to see previous post).  All three of these members have capitalized on their Eli Segal Education Award to pursue graduate studies while still using their NEO Literacy Corps teaching experience!

Elyse Anderson is in Chicago studying for a Masters of Arts in bilingual-bicultural education at DePaul University and working as a Pre-K Assistant Teacher at Linclon Park Preschool.  She is currently applying for PhD programs and a Fulbright Scholarship, and says she draws on things she learned in AmeriCorps every day.

Matt Kilbane headed to Purdue University, where he is teaching composition to freshmen and a creative writing workshop at a local youth home, all while working on a Masters of Fine Arts in poetry.

Elisa Bredendiek has stayed in Cleveland as part of the Catholic Worker community.  She’s taking four classes at Cleveland State University to become a bilingual teacher.  But she didn’t wait to graduate to start teaching classes in French, Spanish, and German at Menlo Park Academy, plus a Peace Studies class at Lincoln West High School.

Get Ready for AmeriCorps Week!

AmeriCorps programs and AmeriCorps Alums chapters across the country are getting ready for AmeriCorps Week on March 10-18, 2012. Here are some fun resources to help you get ready for the celebration:AmeriCorps Works and Gets Things Done

So now that you are wearing your tee shirt and pin, head full of great community engagement ideas, Tweets full of #AmeriCorpsWeek hashtags, one hand full of bookmarks, another holding a big red sign ready to take a photo….now it’s time to GET INSPIRED with some amazing videos:

(“Okay, but Meagen,” you say, “how can I watch a video with my hands full of bookmarks, a sign, a camera, while reading the Impact Guide, and Tweeting at the same time?”  I’m sure you’ll figure out.  Ask a volunteer to help you.  That’s how AmeriCorps Gets Things Done!)

I’m looking forward to facilitating midyear training for an awesome group of AmeriCorps members in Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps March 12-15.  What are your plans for AmeriCorps Week?

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