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More Exciting Strategies for 2014 GED Test Instruction

I’m heading to Wisconsin tomorrow, where the GED Test is not the only option for non-traditional adults to obtain a high school or equivalency diploma. As a workshop facilitator at “Achieving Credentials for Success,” I look forward to connecting with adult educators with a variety of program goals.

Wednesday morning I will facilitate three workshops on interdisciplinary instruction, which will be critical to passing the 2014 GED Test or any assessment based on the Common Core State Standards. Each workshop starts with a model lesson, provides time for participants to develop a lesson plan, and finishes with questions and discussion.

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Exciting Technology for 2014 GED Test Prep Instruction

Appleton, Wisconsin, here I come! Wednesday afternoon I will be facilitating three workshops on integrating technology into adult education. All three will model a sample lesson, lead participant to create their own tech integration plans, and provide time for questions and discussion.

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Starting a Library Literacy Program for Adults

I just found this fantastic post written by Esther Chase, an Adult Literacy Program Coordinator at Berwyn Public Library in Illinois. This blueprint is full of great ideas for any type of literacy partnership. I also spend some time browsing the wealth of links on Esther’s Libraries and Literacy blog. I highly recommend “checking out” the free guide.

Get it? “Checking out”? Library? *Groan*

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September 24, 2013 · 9:48 am

Resources for Teaching Tech for the GED® Test

Computer-based GED® testing has already arrived in many states. Starting January 2, 2014, the new version of the GED® test will only be delivered on computers-though still only at official GED® testing centers! Writing must be typed on a QWERTY keyboard instead of handwritten or on a mobile device keyboard. Test-takers will also have to drag-and-drop answers, select from drop-down-menus, use an on-screen calculator and formula sheet, and read text by scrolling and clicking on tabs.

In learning about the new format of the test, some instructors in a recent training in Cleveland, Ohio shared resources to help their students (and themselves) learn the computer skills needed for the test.


The silly dancing mouse leads the way to a focused introduction to many of the main computer skills that will be required for the new test. Also available in Spanish. I was impressed by the simplicity of this tutorial: no music or flashing lights, just the basics. Learning to use the mouse is challenging enough!

Many thanks to Chris Rippel of the Central Kansas Library System for creating this great resource and making it available for free.


With over 750 lessons and 250 videos, this site is full of helpful information and activities to increase computer skills.
Under Computer Basics, I highly recommend the Interactives, especially Mouse Tutorial and Parts of the Keyboard.

The Beehive’s Digital Basics

I appreciate this site’s focus on using the internet safely. I’ve known many students and instructors excited to try out smartphones or broadband at home, only to get a virus or scammed. Vocabulary seems too difficult for low level readers.

LearningExpress Library

INFOhio offers this service for free to Ohio residents. You can login to INFOhio using the user name: INFOhio and the password: power. Next you can go to > Electronic Resources Core Collection > Learning Express Library (LEL), and then create your own LEL account name and password. You’ll find materials for GED Test Preparation as well as popular software tutorials. Recommended for intermediate computer users and independent readers looking to study from their home computer or to improve their employability.


Teknimedia’s CBT100

Looking for lessons and activities specific to the computer-based 2014 GED® Test? Teknimedia delivers. Test it out with three sample lessons and a 30 day free trial.

GED Academy’s Computer Essentials

To accompany its existing online test preparation program, GED Academy is developing a “course that teaches itself and doesn’t require you to become an expert in computer literacy skills.” Coming soon!

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon is a classic software in computer learning labs for all ages. The program provides structured lessons and activities to build typing skills. Now they also offer a free Facebook game called Movie Mayhem!

Online Practice

The following websites don’t provide explicit digital literacy instruction for beginning or intermediate computer users. However they can give students practice with clicking, navigating tabs, scrolling, and drop-down menus, all while studying content assessed on the GED® Test:

The importance of partnerships

Instructors shared resources in the Cleveland community that either offer their own computer literacy programs, or would be willing to partner and teach the skills needed for computer-based testing. These include:

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CAACE: Exciting Strategies & Technology to Prep Learners for the 2014 GED Test

My first full day workshop on Teaching Adults: GED® was great fun in Bristol, CT! We had a packed workshop of about 80 attendees, mostly instructors. Many of them brought their own tablets and laptops and earned a Tech Savvy sticker. Before the session started, people were very curious & most were excited about the possibility of getting stickers. Other attendees got an Experienced Educator sticker for having 20 or more years teaching adult education. Our most experienced had 43 years under her belt! 42 of the participants also signed up for a student account and joined our Edmodo group, which earned them an online badge. I love those little ways of making workshops fun and demonstrating transferrable tech/non-tech strategies.

CAACE hosted the workshop at the Bristol Adult Education Center, which was the first in the state to implement computer-based GED® testing. The facility was fully equipped with SMARTboards, multiple computer labs, re-sizable rooms with dividers…a fantastic space for a large group training. Their Director, Maria Groody, also made it a great experience by emphasizing having a relaxed, fun day together. I tried to take full advantage of the amenities, especially to highlight some possibilities for technology in GED® Test Prep instruction. Unfortunately I lost my own “Tech Savvy” sticker because I couldn’t stop touching the SMARTboard! I’m used to my own chalkboard back in Cleveland.

The first half of the day was my typical “Top 5 GED Changes” presentation, with the Q&A and reflection in pairs and large groups. We had a fresh-off-the-press new version of the book sampler with updated information that had just been reviewed by the GED Testing Service. That was exciting, and as always we generated some interesting discussion.

The afternoon I really got to switch it up by sending participants into small groups in various classrooms & computer labs to create their own lesson plans and post them on Edmodo. Such creativity! The instructors really took to the challenge, finding free online content on relevant topics for their students like coordinate planes, school uniforms, body mass index, abortion, recycling, driver’s licenses… And the best part is all those lessons are now in our Edmodo group for participants to share and use again!

Download the template & create your own interdisciplinary lesson plan:

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Preparing Low Level Learners for the 2014 GED® Test

I don’t have many pictures to show for it but I greatly enjoyed my visit to Nashville, Tennessee for the USCAL Regional Conference. At the opening session, I approached a side table and sat down with three total strangers…and one turned out to be Linda Nelson! Twitter strikes again! Amazing. And of course she had brought along one of her AmeriCorps members, whom I promptly thanked for her service.

Linda and her AmeriCorps member both attended my workshop on Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED® Test Resource Book. This extended version focused on the relevance for teaching low-level learners, and gave participants a chance to create their own interdisciplinary lesson plans. Check out their creative creations  below, along with the presentation and handout. Then download the lesson plan template and make your own!

We also browsed some of the test item samplers generously provided by GED Testing Service on the website. To see the book sampler as a PDF, go to the product page at New Readers Press and click “View product.”

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Six FREE Amazing Websites for GED® Test Prep

There so many websites for excellent, free content for GED® Test Preparation!

ProLiteracy Education Network

Free online resources and professional development for adult education students, instructors & administrators by ProLiteracy.

Example: 26 Tips for Working with Your Child’s Teacher

The Beehive

“Free help with money, housing, jobs, health and school. Available in English and Spanish.”

Example: Digital Basics: Learn How to Use the Computer and Internet Safely and Intelligently

Video: How to use the beehive


“TV411 is a collection of entertaining videos and engaging web activities, all designed to help you reach your learning goals. Pick a topic—reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science, or finance—and get started.”

Example: Fractions and Rhythm

GCF Learn Free

Quality online tutorials and courses for “anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life.”

Example: GCF Literacy Project

Khan Academy

Free videos and practice problems, mostly focused on mathematics but slowly expanding. The unique part of this site is not its content, but how students (and teachers) can track their progress using a free Facebook or Google account.

Example: The Beauty of Algebra

It can be hard to narrow your choices which content to use. This is especially true on sites like YouTube. Before you start, ask yourself this question:

What am I trying to teach or learn? What skill or piece of knowledge do I (or my students) need to know? Be specific!

Got it in mind? What is it? The Bill of Rights? How to find the lowest common denominator? Understanding poetry?

Now use your answer to focus your search through some of my favorite free websites for adult education & GED® Test Preparation. There are literally thousands of videos, tutorials and courses available here, so have fun searching:

YouTube…for Education!

Example: Why does a cat always land on its feet? A physics lesson from Smarter Every Day

Find what you were looking for on these sites? Please let me know!

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